Senior Requirements

If I am seeking Distinction and submitting a senior essay, do I have to write a separate senior essay in addition to the substantial writing requirement in each of my 400-level courses?

No. Your senior essay is usually just the paper you have written for credit in one of your 400-level courses (or sometimes a combination of the two papers you wrote for each of your 400-level courses). Seniors seeking distinction in the major do not have to write an extra paper.

I previously took a Directed Research course but I didn't write a paper that was more than 5,000 words. Can I get a credit for this toward my senior requirement?

It can count as one of the two 400-level courses to be taken for senior requirements but you will still need to complete the senior essay in another 400-level course.

I pre-registered for a 400-level senior seminar. What are my options for fulfilling the second senior requirement credit? Can I take two senior seminars to fulfill my 2 credit senior requirement?

Yes, you can fulfill one or both of senior requirements using senior seminars, unless you are pursuing BS degree. (Note that we can pre-register you for only one seminar and preregistration for senior seminars takes place at the end of the Junior year.) Possible 400-level senior requirement courses include senior seminars (PSYC 490-489), senior requirement directed research courses (PSYC 493 or 495, which is a half credit), and senior requirement directed research courses (PSYC 499).

I am planning to take two semesters of Directed Research to fulfill my senior requirement. May I still pre-register for a senior seminar?

All rising seniors may pre-register for a senior seminar for their senior year. However, if there is a shortage of slots available for senior seminars, priority will be given to students who need a senior seminar in order to fulfill their senior requirement.

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