Recent announcements from the DUS

(e-mail sent out on Dec 4, 2018)

Tutorial Forms and Research Opportunities
If you are interested in conducting research for credit during Spring 2019, please read Q&A’s under “Research Experience” in our undergraduate web page. The Spring 2019 due date for tutorial forms is Jan 21st, 2019 (the 7th day after the term begins). We strongly encourage that you start contacting the PIs or lab manager before you leave town. Research opportunities that are currently available are posted here
SAVE THE DATE: Senior Requirement Orientation
We will be offering senior requirement orientation on January 30th (Wed), 2019, 6pm-7:30pm. Sushi dinner will be served!

How to apply for graduate schools in Psychology

A number of students asked me how to apply for graduate schools in Psychology, in particular Clinical Psychology. We plan to have a panel on Clinical Psychology grad programs sometime in the spring. In the meantime, you can check out this book. For Clinical Psychology, check out this as well. 

Mental Health Empowerment Workshops

Tuesdays from 7 - 8PM
Location: Room 417, Byers Hall (Two floors above the dining hall), Silliman College
All meetings facilitated by advanced graduate students in clinical psychology and Mary O’Brien, Ph.D.
Would you like to navigate academic pressures, social challenges, and relationships skillfully so that you feel effective in managing your daily life? If so, these workshops are for you. We are excited to share some evidence based approaches from clinical psychology designed to help you to maximize your potential and enjoyment at Yale. These workshops are interactive and present a broad array of strategies for coping with the ups and downs of college life. This is not group therapy and you can attend any one workshop or the entire series. We look forward to chatting with you in the beautiful new Good Life Center at Silliman College. Please join us in our effort to improve mental health and wellness on campus.
Topics and Workshop Dates
  • Finding Wise Mind – Tuesday, January 29th                                            
  • Strategies for Tolerating Distress So You Don’t Make Matters Worse, Tuesday, February 5th      
  • Ask for what you want in a way that preserves relationships and leaves you feeling good – part 1   Tuesday, February 12th   
  • Ask for what you want in a way that preserves relationships and leaves you feeling good – part 2   Tuesday, February 19th
  •  Emotion Regulation – Tuesday, February 26th                                           
  •  How to communicate better with your partner – Tuesday, March 5th     
  • Stepping Away from Sticky Thoughts – Tuesday, April 2nd                             

(DUS email sent out on August 29th, 2018)

1. We now have senior mentors. They have a variety of background (e.g., pre-meds, NS track, varsity athletes), and please feel free to email them or set up a meeting / lunch for any advising that you would like to receive from a senior in Psychology major (e.g., course selection, fulfilling psychology major requirements, finding research opportunities). To see their information, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  
2. If you haven’t yet, please check your Degree Audit under the “Academics” tab in SIS. We know for fact that if a course is multiple-titled (such as EDST 150/ PSYC 151 for emotional intelligence) and you did not sign up for it as a psychology course, the system does not recognize it as a psychology course, so they have to manually adjust it. There may be also some problems with summer courses. If you notice any discrepancy, keep calm; it is most likely to be due to the system error, and everything that we have approved in the past is still valid. Just report the errors to me by replying to this e-mail. 

If you are in the neuroscience track but if the system does not recognize you as such, please e-mail

If you are in standard major, but are shown as being in the neuroscience track, please e-mail