Department Administration

Office of the Chair

Jutta Joormann Department Chair Promote the university mission of providing outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice within the department.
Lindsey Fuller Chair’s Assistant/ Academic Appointments Specialist Provides administrative support to the Chair in regard to Faculty, Research, and Post–doctoral appointments, and Academic Searches. Coordinates with OISS to secure Visa and serves as a department Liaison with FAS Dean, Provost, Postdoctoral Affairs Offices on all academic issues.


Office of Registrar

Melissa Ferguson Director Of Graduate Studies  
Yarrow Dunham Director of Undergraduate Studies  
Fredericka Grant Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Registrar Provides administrative support to Psychology Directors of the graduate and undergraduate studies, tracks student requirements for graduation, assists in registration related forms and procedures, student appointments for teaching fellows, Graduate admissions, early starts for Grad students, and helps reserve department owned classroom spaces
Brian Scholl Cognitive Science Program Director  
Joshua Knobe Director of Undergraduate Studies for Cognitive Science Program  
Fredericka Grant (Interim) Cognitive Science Program Registrar Provides administrative support to Cognitve Science Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Assists students as they progress through the program and tracks requirements for graduation.
Steve Chang Director of Undergraduate Studies, Neuroscience Major (NSCI)  
Nancy Da Silva Neuroscience Registrar (NSCI) Provides administrative support to the Directors of undergraduate studies for Neuroscience. Tracks student requirements for graduation, assists in registration related forms and procedures and responsible for program activities.


Business Office Administration

Jim Westgate Lead Administrator Manages the academic, administrative and financial services provided to the department. In conjunction with Department Chair, manages activities concerning personnel, space assignments, facilities and compliance.
Christine James Operations Manager Responsible for all day-to-day administarative, human resource and financial operations of the department.  Manages businesss office staff members and responds to inquiries from all department members.  Contact Christine  to discuss lab  hiring options.
Tania Sierra Accountant Performs regular financial transactions, monitoring and budgetary review.  Assists with questions regarding Yale policy and procedures. Works closely with FRMS on grant and contract matters.
Sam Haller Financial Assistant 4 Primary contact for spend authorizations (Cash advances for travel, study subjects, reloadable debit cards, etc.), Monitors, reviews and approves all financial activity and distributes non-grant monthly reports to department members.

Akari Roudebush

Financial Assistant 3 Prepares expense reports to clear PCards and reimburse faculty, students, and staff for business related expenses. Processes invoices and Check requests and is the point person for MTurk and other on-line testing platforms.  Can explain how funds can be deposited into an mturk account and how to run reports for clearing those deposits. Processes purchase requests for labs and maintains the department supply stock room.  Also reviews Grad student balances for reimbursements (travel funds, dissertstion).
Kim Nicefaro Administrative Assistant Provides administrative support for Human Resources.  Responsible for staff and casual payroll, job requisitions, search, student aides, setting up Sponsored Identities, and miscellaneous human resource assignments.  Sets up and maintains records for new and current employees and is the contact person for Undergraduate Student Employment. (Half time)
Jenny Trujillo Facilities Coordinator Provides administrative support, requests swipe access for ID cards, organizes and assigns keys, distributes mail, manages the department calendar, and coordinates the logistics of department events. Also oversees the replenishing of supply inventory and maintenance and repair of department-owned spaces, facilities, and equipment.
Bret Logan Computer and Information Systems Support Specialist Maintains Department Web and social media pages, e-mail listserv system, the department’s administrative servers, provides business office computer support. (Half time)
JaQuay Black (FRMS) FRMS - Post Award Mananger From the Faculty Research Management Services (FRMS) area, provides financial support in conjuction with Christine for all sponsored award and faculty research accounts.  This includes all award activity, effort reports, transaction review and monthly reporting to PI’s.
Stephanie Marinone (FRMS) FRMS - Pre Award Mananger From the Faculty Research Management Services (FRMS) area, provides full support and assistance with all sponsored award proposals/fellowship activity for faculty, Post Docs, and Graduate students.