Abbreviated Directory

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Name Telephone Email Office
Department Chair
Jutta Joormann
203-432-4545 100 College 1420D
Chair’s Assistant &
Academic Appointment Specialist

Lindsey Fuller

100 College 1420F

Director of Graduate Studies
Melissa Ferguson
203-432-4533 100 College
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Yarrow Dunham
203-436-1315 100 College
Psychology Undergraduate & Graduate Registrar
Fredericka Grant
203-432-1244 100 College 1420H
Cognitive Science Program Registrar
Jenny Trujillo
203-432-4504 100 College 1420C
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Neuroscience Major (NSCI)
Steve Chang
203-436-1265 100 College
Neuroscience  (NSCI) Registrar
Nancy Da Silva
203-432-4500 100 College
Facilities Coordinator
Jenny Trujillo
203-432-4504 100 College 1420C
Lead Administrator
Jim Westgate
203-432-4505 100 College 1420E
Operations Manager
Christine James
203-436-9074 100 College 1420B