Advising Information


Dr. Yarrow Dunham, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Psychology
Dr. Yarrow Dunham
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: K 304

Fall office hours (beggining week of Sept 5):
Tuesdays 10-11 am
Wednesdays 11am-12pm

Area: Developmental

NOTE: No office hours on Wed, Sept 21

NOTE: there will be no office hours on Yale holidays.
Dr. Steve W. C. Chang
Neuroscience Track Advisor
Office: K 310
Office Hours: By appointment via email
Area: Neuroscience
Dr. Arielle Baskin-Sommers
Clinical and Graduate School Advisor
Office: Kirtland 217
Office Hours: by appointment via email
Area: Clinical
Department Registrar
Office: Kirtland 109
Office Hours: by appointment via email

Zach Silver
Graduate Assistant DUS
Office Hours: Tue/Thurs 10-11am at
Area: Developmental
Zach is available to meet with students to discuss course selection, senior and graduation requirements, theses, etc.

Senior Mentors (2021-2022)

These are senior mentors appointed by the DUS. If you have any questions about course selections and majoring in Psychology and want to talk to students who have been in similar situations, contact them!

Georgia Spurrier

Hi everyone! My name is Georgia and I am a senior psychology major in the neuroscience track, pursuing a B.S. and aspiring to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I have always been passionate about child welfare and early childhood trauma, though my interests have become more science-based and research oriented in recent years. At Yale, I have worked at the Clinical Affective Neuroscience and Development lab as well as volunteered with the YNHH Children’s
Psychiatric Inpatient Service since my freshman year. I also write for a few publications on campus and have been able to engage in academic writing and research pursuits outside of Yale. I would love to talk about clinical versus research routes, volunteer and non-profit work in
psychology, the neuroscience track, or anything else—so feel free to reach out!

Miranda Papes

Hi Everyone! I am a rising senior from Texas that originally started out as just a European History major here at Yale. Now as a senior, I am also pursuing a B.S. in Psychology. It took me a while to find my passion for psychology, but I had some amazing guidance along the way! I have been working in a lab on campus as an undergraduate assistant for the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study for the past two years and would be happy to talk with you about lab work as well as being a double major! 

Kevin Quach

Hey everyone! I’m a senior double majoring in Psychology and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. I came to Yale thinking I was going to major in computer science and become a software engineer, but through majoring in psychology and exploring other academic disciplines, my interests now revolve improving mental and physical health outcomes amongst communities of color through health policy reform and advancing quality clinical care. I currently help conduct research at the Trauma and Mental Health Lab at the Yale School of Public Health, but I’ve previously worked at several psychology research centers and labs. After graduation, I hope to pursue an MPH and a clinical professional degree to eventually provide clinical care to historically underserved communities. If you have any questions about interdisciplinary interests with psychology, experiences with double majoring, and/or psychology/public health research, feel free to reach out to me! 

Blanca Tallaj

Hi everyone! I am a senior Psychology
major from Alabama. I am also an Education Studies Scholar. After pursuing three different majors in my first two years (English, film, and ER&M), I finally chose to major in Psychology because of its broad scope. I had the preconception that Psychology was limiting—only focused on research or therapy—until I took the Introduction to Psychology course, where we didn’t even cover a fraction of the field and each new topic was more interesting than the last. Within Psychology, I can explore education, ER&M, and so much more. At Yale, I work at the Social Gerontology and Health Lab under Dr. Monin. I also work at New Haven Reads. I am interested in Clinical Psychology as a potential career, and I want to continue working with children. I know how difficult it can be to decide your major, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! I am always available for a chat. No question or comment is too small! I love hearing about people’s college journeys.