Recent Ph.D. Dissertation Titles


  • Bailey, April H,   Men at the Center: Androcentric Bias in Cultural Practices and Cognitive Structure

  • Boswell, Rebecca GFood Craving and Its Regulation: Implications for Obesity and Binge Eating Disorder

  • Casados, Ava T,   Understanding Parents’ Judgments of Childhood Mental Illness: Development of the Perceptions of Psychological Symptom Scale

  • Chung, Yoonho,   Deviance in Neuroanatomical Maturity as a Biological Marker to Predict the Onset of Psychosis in Youth at Clinical High Risk

  • Crossman, Molly K,   Establishing the Influence of Interactions With Animals on Psychological Distress

  • Jordan, Matthew RMisbelieving: Optimism, Self-deception, and the Shape of Beliefs

  • Kraft-Todd, Gordon,   Leading By Example Motivates Prosociality through Second-Order Belief Inference

  • Lambert, Robert C,   From Probability to Familiarity: Explorations on the Relationship between Statistical Learning and Processing Fluency

  • Melnikoff, David E,   Towards a Goals-First Framework of Cognitiion and Action

  • O’Connell, Thomas P,   Reconstructing Visual Cognition

  • Santascoy, Nicholas,   Hostile Attribution for Bias

  • Vanderlind, William M,   Understanding Positive Emotion in Depression: The Role of Emotion Regulation