Can I count a course outside of the psychology department for psychology major credit?

This is possible in rare circumstances, but the decision to count a course outside the major will be decided on a case-by-case basis via petition to the DUS. To petition to count a course outside the psychology major, you will need to email the DUS with the following information:

(1) a copy of course syllabus

(2) a copy of the course reading lists.

Petitions that do not include these two pieces of information will be rejected. The DUS will then look these materials over on a case-by-case basis. Note that most courses outside the psychology major will not be approved for psychology major credit. To count for credit, a course must (a) focus directly on a specific psychological issue (e.g., mental illness, memory, etc.) and (b) have considerable psychological content (i.e., many readings that cover primary research published in psychological journals). Examples of courses that were not approved are listed here. If the DUS does approve your petition, make sure you obtain a written documentation (e-mail or official letter) and keep this information for your own record.

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