Courses NOT Approved for Psychology Credit

Here are examples of courses that were NOT approved for psychology credit.
(DUS Note: In an effort to save you time, I will add to this list as other petitions are approved or declined throughout the semester).

“Fat and Thin: A History of American Bodies” (HSHM 230/HIST 125)

This course might look strikingly similar to our own course “The psychology, biology and politics of food”, but this course is about sociology and history and there are no readings assigned from psychology.

Organic Chemistry (including CHEM 124, 220, 221, or 418)

Although this is a pre-med course, it does not have substantial psychological content or readings from primary psychology journals. As such, this course will never be counted for psychology credit.

Language, Culture, and Identity (ANTH 120)

Although the class is about gender/language, it treats these topics from a distinctly anthropological perspective. There are no primary readings in psychology and thus this course cannot count this for psychology credit.

Game Theory (ECON 159 – Note: This is for the Fall 2010 class)

Although “Game Theory” can be taken from a psychological mechanisms perspective, the Fall 2010 version of this class does not have enough psychological material to count for psychology major credit.

English 114

No version of this English class can count for psychology credit as this course does not treat psychological topics from a scientific perspective.

The Self: East and West (PHIL 435/635)

This philosophy course deals with the “self” but it does not treat this issue from a scientific psychology perspective, and thus cannot count for psychology major credit.