What is a directed research course?

The PSYC department offers several different kinds of independent research courses for credit. We offer full credit directed research course (PSYC 493), and half credit directed research course (PSYC 495). These courses are graded pass/fail. In addition, we offer full credit senior essay course (PSYC 499), which is letter graded and must include substantial writing of more than 5,000 words (click here for more information on the Senior Requirement). All of these courses allow students to perform research (either empirical research or literature review) in a lab at Yale for credit. The specific content of these course varies depending on the particular project you and a faculty member come up with, but often it will involve working in a lab for 8-12 hours per week (or 4-6 hours per week for the half-credit PSYC 495 course), sitting in on weekly lab meetings, and writing up a final paper.

Note that all of these courses require filling out an online tutorial survey form that is generall due seven days before the end of the add/drop period. The form can be filled out here