I want to take a Directed Research course. What do I do?

First, you have to find a faculty member who is willing to supervise such a course for you. Since you must enroll in the course at the start of the semester, you must find a faculty member during shopping week. This process for doing this is described above. Once you and a faculty member have discussed a project and have already agreed on a plan of action, then download a tutorial form here. Bring this form to the faculty member who has agreed to supervise you. At this point, you and the faculty member will together need to completely fill out this form, which means that the topic of your research should already be chosen and the format of your course requirements should be determined. Keep in mind that the workload for this course must be equivalent to other courses offered at Yale. You and your faculty member should also agree upon the basis of your evaluation (i.e., what you will be graded on). Once you two agree on the plans, fill out the form, and e-mail it to the DUS or the department registrar while Cc-ing your advisor. You will not be able to get your schedule signed unless we have this tutorial form when you register for a directed research course.