How would I know that studying abroad will not interfere with my completing the psychology major requirements?

Fill out the Psychology Major Worksheet (downloadable here) and email or bring it to the DUS. We also STRONGLY recommend that you take statistics (Psych 200) and a research methods course (PSYC 201-299) BEFORE you study abroad because you need to take these courses before you start your senior year if you are doing a BS degree. Also, these courses are rarely offered in other foreign institutions. Furthermore, even if you study abroad for only one semester, there is no guarantee that these courses will be offered during the semester that you are back at Yale. PSYC 200 and research methods courses are offered either in the Fall or Spring, depending on the availability of the instructors. Please remember that you cannot count on last year’s schedule to predict which semester these courses will be offered. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to take these courses before you study abroad. If this is not feasible, talk to the DUS.

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