Can courses other than PSYC 200 count for the statistics requirement?

We strongly recommend that students take PSYC 200. However, because of time conflicts, we do sometimes allow other courses to count. We can count S&DS103 as fulfilling our statistics requirement, and you do not need to do anything to count this course.

For all other statistics course, the DUS will need to see the syllabus of that course for the current semester to make sure the proposed course covers all necessary concepts. Please note that many other statistics classes offered at Yale (including Econometrics courses) do not cover the necessary material. In particular, if a proposed course does not cover ANOVA and/or multiple regression in the context of psychological science the DUS is unlikely to approve it.

Under special circumstances a student who has already received advanced statistics training can petition to waive the psychology statistics requirement. To do so, the student must reach out to the instructor of PSYC 200 during the current academic year and request to take the statistics waiver examination. Students may take the examination only one time, so if it is not passed the student must still complete the psychology statistics requirement. A student who does pass the exam must still take an additional psychology course to meet the total credit requirements of the degree.

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