Recent Announcements

(DUS e-mail sent out on Jan 25, 2017)

Senior requirements orientation will take place on January 30th, 6pm at Kirtland Hall lounge. Come to the Kirtland hall, go up a few steps to reach the first level, turn left and the lounge is at the end. 

If you haven’t yet, please RSVP by entering your name here by Friday Jan 27.  We will also provide dinner, and if you can indicate your preferences/constraints on the same survey, we will take them into consideration. 

Sophomores are also welcome to attend the orientation, especially if you plan to study abroad in the spring of your junior year.  

(DUS e-mail sent out on Jan 3, 2017)

I would like to explain how to receive advising during shopping period and to get your schedule signed. All students majoring in Psychology must receive approval on their schedule ​(or major worksheet) ​from the DUS​ or the NS track advisor​, and you may not get your schedule signed by the registrar at the Psychology office​ without the DUS or the NS track advisor’s approval​

​1. ​If you have filled out a Psychology Major Worksheet, update it (i.e., the courses you took last semester should have Fall 2016 listed under the term, and add the courses you plan to take this term). If you have not filled out a Psychology Major Worksheet or cannot find it, download a Psychology Major Worksheet from here, and fill it out following the instructions on the form.

2. ​STANDARD MAJOR: If your schedule is straightforward, e-mail the major worksheet to the DUS, and she will review, sign, and e-mail it back to you; you can then bring it to our registrar (Lauretta Olivi; office hours shown here) and get your schedule signed without waiting in a long line. If you have questions and would like to see the DUS in person, bring a printout of your completed major worksheet to the meeting (and your schedule if it is almost ready) during the DUS office hours (shown here). 
NEUROSCIENCE TRACK: See the neuroscience track advisor during his office hours (shown here). Please bring a printout of your completed major worksheet to the meeting. If you cannot make his office hours, e-mail the major worksheet with any questions or set up an appointment. Once the NS track advisor approves your major worksheet, you may bring it to our registrar (Lauretta Olivi; office hours shown here) and get your schedule signed without waiting in a long line.

​3. If you have long/open-ended questions, it would be best to come see the DUS or the NS track advisor during the first week of the shopping period or after the shopping period.​

4. ​If you plan to take Psyc 493(Directed research, 1 credit)​, 495 (Directed research 0.5 credit)​, or 499 (Senior essay), you must submit a tutorial form (downloadable here) by January 23rd (Mon) 5pm. In the tutorial form, you need to explain your plans, topics of research, etc., and obtain the advisor’s signature (or Cc your advisor when submitting the form via e-mail). This can take some time to ​complete, so make sure you start working on it as soon as possible. These courses are locked and once the DUS approves your tutorial form, she will issue permission to take the course. 

If you have not yet submitted your senior essay, the deadlines for Spring 2017 are April 28th (Fri) 4:30pm for students who are not seeking Distinction. For students who are seeking distinction, it is due April 21st (Fri) 4:30pm. 

(DUS e-mail sent out on Oct 15, 2016)

Starting from Spring 2017, tutorial forms for Psyc 493, 495, and 499 are no longer due when your schedule is due; they are due on the 7th calendar day after the term begins (for Spring 2017,January 23rd, Mon, 5pm). 

This will allow the DUS to review the tutorial forms before you submit the schedule. In addition, just like any other courses at Yale, students are supposed to start working on these courses from the beginning of the term, and hopefully this change will ensure that.  

In addition, Psyc 493, 495, and 499 will be locked such that only the students whose tutorial forms have been approved by the DUS can sign up for these courses. The details of this procedure will be explained in January. 
Please keep in mind that it will be challenging to fill out a tutorial form within one week if you start searching for your tutorial advisor after the term begins. If you plan to take any of these courses, contact potential tutorial advisors before the term begins. In fact you can start the conversation as early as now for next semester. The forms are downloadable here


  • If your senior requirement plan has changed, please inform the DUS, NS track advisor, or the registrar (Lauretta Olivi)  so that we can update our record. We do not want to email a wrong professor to request your senior essay grade, for instance.