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PSYC 193, Perspectives in Asian American Psychology

Fall 2017, Friday 9.25-11.15
Instructor: June Chu
Course Description:
This course is intended to provide knowledge of Asian American personality, identity, and mental health and the cultural and societal influences that shape personality and mental health, analyze psychosocial research pertinent to Asian Americans, and develop critical thinking skills on Asian American issues. 

Expanded Description:
By and large, research in the field of psychology is based upon the assumption of one normative path of development. This normative path has historically based upon a view of psychological well being that is homogenous and historically Eurocentric. Asian Pacific Islander Americans remain the fastest growing racial group in the United States.  A generation of researchers in Asian American psychology has identified variables that are pertinent in the psychological adjustment of non-White groups, beginning with the work examining dimensions of collectivism and individualism.  Going beyond merely examining these two dimensions, others have begun to look at the specific variables in Asian American development that are important to psychological health. Topics of discussion will examine Asian American personality; family; the impact of culture on gender; violence; psychopathology; mental health treatment/care.

(DUS e-mail sent out to Juniors on April 17, 2017)

Dear Juniors majoring in Psychology,

As the DUS of Psychology, I would like to explain how to submit your seniorrequirement plan and to pre-register for senior seminars 2017-2018. If you have not given serious thought into your senior requirement plans, you should read this email very carefully and start looking for a tutorial advisor right away if you need one.

A. Pre-registering for senior seminars

As you know, most senior seminars are difficult to get in, so through the following pre-registration process, we guarantee one senior seminar for all rising seniors.

1. The list of all senior seminars offered during 2017-2018 is shown here. Please look over the list, select 3 seminars, and rank order them.

2. Enter your rank order preferences here by April 21st, Sat, 11:59PM

3. You will receive an email from me on Sunday, April 23rd in the evening announcing which seminar you are pre-registered.

Note for students seeking Distinction in the major: Please note that some senior seminar instructors are not willing to let seniors write a senior essay through their senior seminars if a student is seeking Distinction in the major.  The reason is that those students’ senior essays should be also graded by second readers and their essays should be revised several times,requiring more individualized advising. You may contact the instructor separately to see whether the instructor allows for it, or consider writing a senior essay through Psyc 499. 


B. Submitting your senior requirement plan

(1) Senior requirements;

Majors are required to earn two course credits from courses numbered PSYC 400–499. At least one of these course credits must be taken during the senior year, for which a student must write a substantial final paper (a minimum of 5,000 words) and receive a letter grade, which excludes PSYC 490-495 that can only be taken Pass/Fail. 

More detailed explanations for senior requirements are provided in the PDF file of the presentation given at the senior requirement orientation meeting in March. Click here to download the file.  

(2) How to submit your senior requirement plan

Your senior requirement plan will be collected online through a Qualtrics survey. I am attaching the list of questions to be asked so that you can be prepared before starting the survey. In short, you need to know;

1. Whether you are seeking Distinction in the major or a BS degree

2. Which 400-level course(s) you would complete by the end of this term

3. Which 400-level course(s) you plan to take next year

Enter your senior requirement plan here by May 5th, 5pm.

  • You can count the pre-registered senior seminar as one of the 400-level courses you take.
  • If you are seeking Distinction in the major or are pursing a BS degree, you must take Psyc 499, and you should find the tutorial advisor for Psyc 499 and obtain approval by May 5th.
  • If you plan to take Psyc 493 (1 credit, pass/fail tutorial course) or Psyc 495 (0.5 credit, pass/fail tutorial course), you should find the tutorial advisor for the course obtain approval byMay 5th.
  • The senior requirement plan will ask you to enter the tutorial advisor’s name and email address, and as soon as you submit the plan, an email will be triggered to the advisor to confirm the approval.
  • The PDF file from the orientation meeting briefly explains how to find a tutorial advisor. Check here under “Research Experiences” for more information.
  • You may also find the research positions here

(3) Why do you need to submit your senior requirement plan? 

  • This is for me to check whether you can graduate on time. 
  • Also, once you leave campus, it will be MUCH harder for you to find a senior essay advisor, so you should do it now, if you haven’t done so. 

C. Need more help?
Please email with any questions. If you would like to set up a meeting with me, please email me and and give me any many options as possible for meeting times.

(DUS e-mail sent out on April 7, 2017)

1. How to be nominated for senior essay awards. 

  • There are two senior essay awards for Psych majors. Your advisor has already received the nomination information. If not, they can email me to request the link for nomination. Your advisor must nominate you by April 21st. 
  • Those who are nominated for senior awards must give a presentation on May 1st (Monday) sometime between 11:35am-1:00pm. The presentation should be about 15-20 minutes and more details about this will be sent out after April 21st. 
  • If you are seeking distinction and are nominated for senior essay awards, your second reader will be one of the senior essay award committee members. So you do not make a suggestion for a second reader for your senior essay. 
  • The decision for senior awards will be made right before the graduation in May and announced at the graduation ceremony. 
2. How to submit your senior essays.

The deadline for this semester’s senior essays is April 28th (Fri) 4:30pm for students who are not seeking Distinction. For students who are seeking distinction, it is due April 21st (Fri) 4:30pm (it is sooner because we need to assign it to a second reader). 

To submit your senior essay, go to the Classesv2 website and log on using your NetID and password. Under the “My Active Sites” tab, you will see a link to “Psy_Sr_Essay_2017”. (You will probably need to scroll down to the bottom to see it. If you cannot find it, contact and tell her your netID.) On this page, click on “Drop Box” and you will see a folder with your name. Upload a copy of your senior essay in Word or PDF format in this Drop Box before the deadline. This must be a “clean” version with no comments.

If you are seeking distinction, you should also e-mail with the subject line “Senior Essay for Distinction” describing the following information. 

  • Title of your senior essay

  • Your advisor’s name

  • Your advisor’s email address

  • (Optional) Suggestions for second reader(s) 

In suggesting second readers, please keep in mind that if your advisor is not a primary faculty member of Department of Psychology, the second reader will have to be a primary faculty member.