Recent Announcements

(DUS e-mail sent out on Aug 11, 2017)

1. In a couple of weeks, I will send out detailed instructions on how to get your schedule signed, as well as special office hours of DUS, NS track advisor, and registrar in our department. 
2. If you plan to take Psyc 493 (Directed research, 1 credit)​, 495​ (Directed research 0.5 credit)​, or 499  (Senior essay), you must submit ​a tutorial form by September 6th 5pm by e-mailing it to me. In the tutorial form, you need to explain your plans, topics of research, etc., and obtain the advisor’s signature (or Cc your advisor when submitting the form via e-mail). This can take some time to complete because you need to talk to the advisor about research plan, so make sure you start working on it as soon as possible. These courses are locked and once I approve your tutorial form, I will issue permission to take the course. 

(DUS email sent out Aug 5, 2017)

1. We are still making a few adjustments in course schedule, so always refer to OCI for the latest information. Here are some recent changes. 

  • Psyc 151a (Emotional Intelligence) has been moved to MW 9-10.15

  • Psyc 160a (The Human Brain) has been moved to MW 1-2.15. 

  • Psyc 270a (Research Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience) has been moved to M 10.30-11.20 and W 10.30-12.20. (Please note that the changes is from Fridayto Wednesday. This change has not yet been made on OCI and will be made early next week.) 

  • Psyc 303b (Social Neuroscience) has been moved to MW 1-2.15. 

2. Pre-registration for research methods courses is finally ready.

  • The list of research methods courses and the course descriptions are shown here

  • Please note that we are doing pre-registration for the entire year. There will not be another pre-registration for the spring term. 

  • The pre-registration is only for those who plan to complete their research methods requirement in 2017-2018. If you have already completed the requirement or plan to do so in future years, please do not respond. 

  • Pre-registration is due Aug 19, 5PM

  • By August 24th, I will e-mail you your assignment. Please be aware that if you do not show up on the first day of the class, the instructor will not be able to hold the spot for you.  

  • We have two separate pre-registration sites. 

    • If you are a standard Psychology major (i.e., those who are not in Neuroscience track) or Computer Science and Psychology major, please click here.  
    • If you are a psychology major in Neuroscience track, please click here