About The Psychology Department Committee for Diversity and Inclusiveness

The Psychology Department Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness has the mission of creating a diverse and inclusive departmental environment for faculty, students, and staff. This committee meets regularly to discuss how the department can express its commitment to diversity (including but not limited to issues of gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and SES) in its members and culture and through its research, courses, and speakers.

The Psychology Department Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness invites comments from members of our community about what we are doing well and how we could improve in our on-going efforts to achieve, support, and benefit from diversity among our faculty, staff and students. Feel free to email or talk directly with any member of the Committee:

Ava Casados, ava.casados@yale.edu
John Dovidio (Chair), john.dovidio@yale.edu
Yarrow Dunham, yarrow.dunham@yale.edu
Alexander Noyes, alexander.noyes@yale.edu
Mary O’Brien, m.obrien@yale.edu
Gina Roussos, gina.roussos@yale.edu
Julian Rucker, julian.rucker@yale.edu
Natalie Wittlin, natalie.wittlin@yale.edu

You can also leave us a comment anonymously by clicking here.